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Crocheted Pumpkins

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

This year I thought an Autumn centre piece would be great for the dining table, For the centre piece I used a couple of squash from our allotment, An earthenware halloween pumpkin which we painted with our children at a campground called Camping Echternacherbrück in Germany in 2008 (well worth a visit if you like camping/caravanning etc), and three crocheted pumpkins/squash.

Crocheted pumpkins table center piece
Crocheted Pumpkins Center piece

I followed two different YouTube videos

The first video was from the crochet crowd, and to be honest I found this difficult , as it involved increasing and decreasing crochet stitches, for me it was very problematic, I had to pull back a few times also lost count, However I did persevere and complete this small pumpkin

Crocheted pumpkins
Crochet Crowd Pumpkin

for the above type of pumpkin visit the Crochet Crowd - click here for the video

The second video I found a lot easier , the video is by Crochet with Domenick , after a few initial pull backs and keeping to the stitch count I completed one orange pumpkin and one green squash.I changed the stalks to acorns for these as I thought it was a better effect.

Crocheted pumpkins
Crochet with Domenick Pumpkins

I currently have a third larger pumpkin in progress and will show once completed. For the Crochet with Domenick Video click here

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