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Remembrance Crochet Poppy

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

I made this simple Crochet Remembrance Poppy using two varieties of yarn and a

Diamante button.

The yarn used is Stylecraft Special DK Lipstick and Hayfield Bonus DK Grass the button is a 21mm Diamante button . The crochet hook I used was a Knit Pro 3.5mm crochet hook .

Crochet Remembrance Poppy
Crocheted Remembrance Poppy with Diamante Button

The YouTube video I followed was

Having never done a crochet poppy before this one took about an hour to make, this included a few pull backs.

In the video it used a different hook and didn't include the Diamante button just a black yarn however I think the button adds a bit of bling to the poppy. Please don't forget to donate to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

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