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Top 3 Quilting & Sewing apps

Did you know there are Smart phone/Tablet apps for Quilting and Sewing, I find these apps are handy tools when it comes to sewing and quilting projects especially when you are at your sewing table, with no room for a Laptop.

Below are my top 3 apps when Im at the sewing machine and they are all free!.

I currently have an iPhone but all these apps are available on google android .

My little work area
  1. Sew Organized

  2. Quilt tutorials

  3. Quilting calculator

Sew Organized by DIY Danielle

This wonderful app in my opinion ticks all the right boxes it has many features plus the logo stands out on the phone, I don't know about you but sometimes finding an app on my phone is frustrating but the bobbin of thread is an easy find.

Sew orgaized app screen shot
Sew orgaized screenshot

Its features include-

* Organise your fabric stash.

* Easily search your fabric stash by name, fabric type, size, and more.

* Maintain records for wash instructions on your fabric purchases.

* Organise your sewing patterns.

* Search your patterns by name, type, and more.

* Track measurements for everyone you sew for.

* Create a sewing shopping list.

* Browse inspirations for new sewing project ideas, fabrics, and patterns.

* Maintain a list of works in progress with detailed i information.

* Set a due date for works in progress so you don't leave projects unfinished.

There is advertising on the app however this is at the bottom of the screen and in my opinion does not get in the way, overall I am very happy with this app.

Quilt tutorials by MSQC

This app from the Missouri Star Quilt Company is a USA app full of quilting video tutorials, a new video tutorial comes out weekly. All measurements are in inches. The videos are well made and easy to follow. If you are a beginner just search "easy" in the search panel and the easy projects are listed.

Quilt Tutorial by MSQC Screen shot
Quilt Tutorial Screenshot

The App logo is a baby chick on a green background, in my opinion this logo can be lost on the phone, again there is advertising at the bottom but doesn't obscure the tutorials. I think this app is great and very easy to use.

Quilting calculator by Robert Kaufman fabrics

Description taken from the app - Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Quilters Paradise have joined forces to bring you this updated collection of eight essential quilting calculators. Designed by quilters, the calculators work with both U.S. and metric measurements. With these tools you’ll easily and accurately work out how many rectangular pieces can be cut from a larger piece, or how much fabric is needed for backing, batting and borders, square-in-a-square, set-in and corner triangles.

What a handy app, and as I use metric measurements when I sew, this app is great - no more converting to inches, there is a tutorial video how to use this app on youtube click here

Quilting Calculator App
Robert Kaufman Quilting Calculator

The app is very easy to use , Im currently making a Christmas Quilt and the backing is from a different width of fabric and by using the Backing and Batting calculator it has helped me get my measurements correct with no excessive waste. Again the logo can be lost on the iPhone .the initials RK don't stand out very well on my phone, I asked my husband to open the quilting calculator on my phone while I was looking at some fabric he couldn't find it,

However he has now set up a sewing folder on my phone so my sewing apps are in one place, I knew he was good for something!

  1. To make a folder on the iphone Click here for iphone tutorial

  2. To make a folder on android click here

Overall the above Sewing and Quilting apps are my top three and are what I use regularly . Unfortunately Debbie Shore hasn't brought out an app yet and I would be sure to use this also.

Stay Safe

Donna @ Miss Lavenders

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