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Crochet Table Mats using D.M.C Nova Vita 12

We are always looking for new yarn to stock, however it is always good to make something out of a potential new line of Yarn to try it out first. The yarn I'm trialling is from D.M.C and is called Nova Vita 12 recycled cotton, it is a rope style yarn and is 250g per ball,

The ball band states it can be used for knitting, crochet and macrame, for home furnishings, bags, rugs etc. Each 4mm thick strand is made from two woven tubes, a smaller inner tub and a wider outer tube, that give this yarn a superior strength. This ensures your craft projects last longer, as its cotton it has a better heat resistant quality than acrylic style yarns.

I have decide to make four circular table mats using shade 041 which is a baby pink shade, the crochet hook I have used is a Pony 10mm crochet hook, and the video tutorial is from Jonna Martinez click here for the video . In the video a thinner yarn is used, but I just followed the ball band Nova Vita 12 and adjusted the crochet hook size with the thicker yarn. I would say my crochet standard is intermediate, the stitches are double crochet and chain stitch. Each mat took approx 60-90mins. I must admit doing these place mats with this yarn gave my wrists and arms a workout. Each mat is approx 12 inches/ 30cm across and 15mm in depth. Each mat used one ball of yarn. This weight of yarn made the mat ideal for outside patio tables.

Overall I am very happy with this quick project, we expect to retail this type of yarn in the region of £8.50 per 250g ball so that's £34 for four table mats which is not cheap, However it is a bespoke item and we all know hand crafted items aren't cheap! This yarn comes in 24 shades, matching any decor. Great as a wedding gift, Birthday or Christmas present, (don't forget to add a handmade with love sewing label!)

Have a great weekend

Donna@Miss Lavenders

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