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Ravelry & Textillia are they any good?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

As a business we are always researching trends , fashions and new equipment , we are also always looking on the web for great websites which have information we can pass on to customers and like minded Knitters, Crocheters and Sewer's. We have found two websites which we would like to review and give our opinion.

What is Ravelry

Started in 2007 Ravelry is a Web site for those who knit, crochet and spin yarn. Ravelry includes tools to help you plan and track your projects, and to organize your patterns ,yarns and tools. Ravelry has many members and with this , with many members offering free patterns and plenty of good advice , the site includes forums, groups, pattern sharing and yarn contributions.

Screenshot of the pattern page

A lot of customers and friends are members of Knitting and Crochet Facebook groups which are good for some advice however the facebook groups are not a forum so searching for an answer requires re posting or scrolling through the group for an answer, using Ravelry is just a quick search and bingo the answer if available is on the screen. The free patterns are brilliant and wonderful another brilliant feature is the yarn searcher, type what yarn your interested in press enter the website provides which online yarn store has it available. Overall the site is very easy to use with contributions from all over the world this website is a fantastic resource.


Textillia is very similar to Ravelry in fact it was set up because of Ravelry however Textillia is for Sewers , Quilters and dressmakers etc, the design of the website is different to Ravelry but very easy to use and again free to join, In my opinion no negatives on this website what I particular like is the search of fabric or patterns , you can also view other peoples projects.

Screenshot of textillia

Overall textillia is a brilliant site its slightly USA orientated however as a resource for us living in the UK its second to none in my opinion.

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