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Valentine Fabric Wreath

Updated: Jan 7

Now that Christmas and New year is behind us, I have set myself a challenge of making wreaths for our Front door for the various seasons and occasions such as Easter, etc.

My first wreaths is the Valentines wreath made with fabric strips,I used the following fabric.

The fabric was cut into 190 strips of 10 inch x 2 inch or 25cm x 5cm using a rotary cutter and safety mat, however scissors can be used. The wreath frame was bought from Amazon. The wreath frame has three rows.

Starting on the outside. I folded a fabric strip in half, slipped under the first row , then forming a loop in the fabric pulled the fabric through forming a loop knot on the wreath frame. working from the outside in, I added the fabric strips to the frame.

I followed this process all the way round the outside, then completed the inside rows, the whole process took about four hours.

You will notice from the photos that I cut other fabric strips , but decide to only use the reds. Using Pinking scissors I finished off the edges of the fabric I also finished off with a wooden hanging heart I found at a charity shop.

Overall very happy with this quick project. One further addition was waterproof fabric spray which is available online Any fabric can be used for this wreath ,from your stash. Im now working on a Spring wreath using Yarn/Wool and either crochet or knitted .



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