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Whats is 4ply Yarn ? Whats is Chunky Wool?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

When it comes to Knitting or crocheting choosing the right yarn for your project is a must, in this article we look at five different type of yarns.

  • 4 ply

  • Double Knit also known as DK

  • Aran

  • Chunky

  • Super Chunky

First we need to understand how yarns are made, yarns are made of natural, acrylic or a mix of acrylic and natural fibres. the fibres are spun into strands and these spun strands are twisted into plies or Ply.

4ply yarn can come in different fibres such as cotton, wool, acrylics or a mix of the latter, 4ply is great for socks, or intricate garments or projects.

Double Knit Yarn also known as DK, can be made from different fibres or mixes of natural or acrylic fibres, Generally a double knit yarn is 8 ply or twice the thickness of a 4 ply yarn made of the same fibre. 4mm needles/pins or 4mm crochet hooks are generally used for this yarn, Double knit yarn is the most popular of yarns.

Aran Yarn is a medium weight yarn and the next thickness up from double knit yarn, This yarn is 10 ply, recommended needles are generally a 5mm - 6.5mm however check the ball band on the yarn you have, for guidance, Also note if your knitting style is a loose stitch you may have to go down one needle size to ensure the tension is correct.

Chunky Yarn is medium weight yarn, this yarn is generally 12 ply but could go up to a 16 ply, Great for knitting and crocheting Sweaters, Cardigans, accessories etc, Needles and hooks required for this yarn are generally 5.5mm - 9.5mm.

Super Chunky yarn, is a 14 ply heavyweight yarn, using 8mm - 12mm needles or hooks, this yarn can produce speedy results. A perfect yarn for chunky blankets, snug jumpers, garments and accessories.

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